CERA: Aikibudo's International Center


What is CERA?

CERA is the Aikibudo's International Center.

It serves as a technical reference, ethics and philosophy of our art.

It brings together, under the leadership of its founder, Sensei Alain Floquet, all senior technicians, "Kodansha," which, at their level, and in their country or their region, help to support the Aïkibudo.

It's friendly and Kodansha, executives, professors and Yudansha of Aïkibudo (old and new).

For Sensei Floquet CERA should be understood as the college of black belts in our school.

CERA is also open to practitioners Kyu grade and the personalities of interest found in its action.

Sensei FLOQUET three components to preserve the historic old traditional Budo, three schools "original" sources he considers historic importance are:

Sensei Floquet and gives his teaching, his students, and CERA label of authenticity and credibility.

CERA deals with the general policy of the Aïkibudo.

It is the source and the fundamental component of the Federal Committee of Aïkibudo FFAAA, IFLA, and FKSR.